THE WAVE             (The collection Sea Sculptures)

I love marble. It is very special to work with it. It is easy to shape in 
comparision with granite and it is available in many different types. 
Like marble statuario, carrara, portughese, portoro, verona and many others. 
THE WAVE is made with authentic swedish marble, Kolmårdsmarmor.


 A detail from a basrelieve in granite.  The sculpture is a big granite 
table and the relieve is on its surface.


THE LABYRINTH. A basrelieve as a big carpet in the pavement of a street. 
Children use to play in it and find the way out. Size 4,2m x 3,75m. 
It is inspired by an ancient Celtic pattern. Created year 2006.

POSEIDON - The Sea Guardian   (The collection Sea sculptures)


Poseidon is a part of the collection Sea Sculpturers. 
It´s ca 4, 2 m long. Red Bohus Granite. Created 2008. 

SILLEN   Norra Hamnen, Lysekil    
THE HERRING  North Harbour, Lysekil

(8 meters, Red granite Bohus, 2009)

En symbol för den bohuslänska kusten sågad med vajer ur ett
stycke bohuslänsk berg. 

 A wonderfull piece of granite, 8 meters long! My fascination for
huge monolites gets satisfied in swedish quarries. But even here, 
realy large blocks are very rare.




7,5 x 2,6 x 0,8 m     Grey Granite Bohus      2003 - 2007
I dedicated this work to the coastal region of western Sweden, called Bohuslän.
THE BOHUSLÄN CHRONICLE is composed of three blocks with two basreliefs 
on each of them. It  means that there is one relief on each side of every block. 
You can walk around the artpice and see the story of Bohuslän represented in six 
sequencies: The Stone Age, The Vikings, The Middleages, The Periods of Herrings,
The Age of Quarries and Shipping, and The Present Time of Coastal Turism. 
All the relieves are made by me personaly.
THE BOHUSLÄN CHRONICLE is exhibited in the town park of Lysekil, Sweden.


A picture from the first preview exhibition in the quarry, year 2006.

 A detail from The Bronze Ages.